Mission Accomplished For Salem’s WMCA & KKMS

570 The Mission WMCA New York 980 KKMS Minneapolis Christian Talk Preaching Salem CommunicationsAs we first reported last week, Salem began the rollout of the “Mission” branding for its Christian Preaching stations today in Minneapolis and New York.

Stating the need to give the stations “a strong brand and identifying logo”, the rebrandings will likely be the first of many to come to Salem’s Christian Preaching stations across the country “570 The Mission” WMCA New York is positioning itself as “Help Us Change The World” and promoting their outreach programs, while “980 The Mission” KKMS Minneapolis is now positioning as “The Twin Cities Christian Voice”, while giving a long list of missions the stations intends to fulfill.

Salem owns 38 Christian Preaching stations across the country with no one brand utilized throughout the network. The most utilized brandings are “The Word” and “Faith Talk“.

Update 1/18: In addition to 570 WMCA New York promoting a change on Monday, the other station Salem registered “Mission” related domains is now doing the same.

980 KKMS Minneapolis is promoting that “There’s A New Mission For The Twin Cities. Listen Monday At 4pm For Details”.

Original Report 1/13: Salem Christian Preaching 570 WMCA New York is promoting it will be “No More” on Monday, January 19.

The on-air promos state that “Beginning Monday January 19th, New York’s Christian Talk will be no more. Find out what we will become Monday January 19th.”

While speculation already points towards a move of Conservative Talk “970 The Answer” to 570, it appears Salem has another mission in mind for WMCA and its other Christian Preaching stations across the country.

Salem registered AM570TheMission.com on December 1 for WMCA along with AM980TheMission.com and TheMissionTwinCities.com for fellow Christian Preaching 980 KKMS Minneapolis. Just as Salem has been consolidating its Conservative Talk stations under the “Answer” brand and Christian AC stations as “The Fish” it now looks as though the Christian Preaching stations in Salem’s portfolio will become “The Mission“.

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  1. Ben Ditzel says

    Now to see if and when KKLA will rebrand..

    1. Joseph_Gallant says

      WEZE-590 here in Boston likely will also get rebranded “590: The Mission”.

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