Q92.9 Pittsburgh Morning Shakeup Brings in Jim Krenn

Jim Krenn Q92.9 QBurgh WLTJ Pittsburgh John Cline Dave Cook Maria Steel City Media Hot AC “Q92.9” WLTJ Pittsburgh has made a morning show change.

Following last week’s exit of John Cline, Dave Cook and Maria D’Antonio, WLTJ is bringing in former Classic Rock 102.5 WDVE morning host Jim Krenn starting Monday, July 6. Krenn, who is also a stand-up comedian, will host live from 6-9am and have a best-of hour from 9-10am. Krenn spent 25 years in mornings at WDVE from 1988 until 2011 and has since hosted a weekly podcast and made appearances on CBS News/Talk 1020 KDKA. He will be joined on his new show by his podcast co-hosts Terry Jones, Mike Wysocki and Mike Sasson as well as “Q92.9” middayer Debbie Wilde.

Like Krenn, former morning host John Cline was a longtime morning host in Pittsburgh when he joined WLTJ in 2008 following its rebranding from “Lite Rock 92.9” to “Q92.9” as it began its evolution from AC to Hot AC. Cline had previously spent fifteen years in mornings at CHR “B94” 93.7 WBZZ and Hot AC “Star 100.7” WZPT.

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  1. BC says

    I also think it’s necessary to give accolades to David cook! John and Dave have worked together for years, at least until 2003! John then transitioned to sister hot AC, 100.7 while Dave stayed for the final years on the rebranded 93.7 with Bubba and Shelley! And also of course giant Brian. When 93.7 flipped to active Rock, Dave was the only one to stay in afternoon drive! When CBS finally brought the already flopping free FM called the zone in our market, he then traveled a bit to a few stations in Erie with Cumulus!

  2. BC says

    I do think this is rather interesting that they are putting this on a hot AC station, but then again, the station is known for its heavy 90s alternative lean! I certainly wish this show the best of luck, but I’m certainly hoping it will also lead to a little bit of rebranding with imaging and personality throughout the day! I will definitely be listening online from DC

    1. Kenny Kissel says

      i would also like to see Q92.9 better compete with DVE and the X and flip to Active Rock with a Alternative lean. Krenn would complainant the new station better that way. Part of this reason is it would give iHeart since to flip the sagging WXDX to Sports to compete with 93.7 The Fan.

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