MeTV FM Coming To AM In Saginaw

MeTV fm 1250 WHHQ WJMK SaginawWhen Susan and Philip Bernstein’s Northern States Broadcasting closes on its $175,000 acquisition of Catholic 1250 WHHQ Bridgeport/Saginaw MI from Ave Maria Communications in the next few weeks it will become the first syndicated affiliate of the Soft Oldies “MeTV FM” format.

Heard on 87.7 WRME-LP Chicago and made available in syndication by Envision Radio Networks last year, the station will also adopt a set of call letters recent discarded in Chicago: WJMK. Co-owner/Station Manager to be Philip Bernstein told Robert Feder, “We are excited to bring the Tri-Cities the proven Me-TV music format, which attained ratings far surpassing the heritage stations in Chicago in only one year of being on the air.”

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